Smart Factory: “Produktion”-Journal publishes article about KINEXON

Munich, 26.08.15  – In its issue 34-35, 2015 the German journal “Produktion” published a very interesting article about the Kinexon technology and its impact on the smart factories of tomorrow. The article, which was even highlighted on the cover of the journal, stresses the role of precise localization as a key enabler for the Internet of Things and explains the contribution of the Kinexon localization technology. With its unique technology, that combines centimeter accurate position and motion information with a very simple and scalable system setup,  Kinexon helps a growing number of industrial customers to realize innovative use cases. These include, for example, tracking of vehicles (e.g., automated guided vehicles, forklifts), localization of objects (tools, boxes, containers, parts), and automation of processes (e.g., substitution of scanning processes, monitoring of screwing processes). By analyzing the position, orientation and status of objects and people, customers are able to optimize their processes along the relevant dimensions such as quality, cost, and time. Please find the article below. For more information, please get in contact with us!

About “Produktion”: Produktion is one of the leading German trade journals for news, trends and best practices in the sector of industrial production. With its investigated topics at the intersection of technology and business it addresses a broad group of decision makers.

"Produktion" article about the precise indoor localization offered by Kinexon.

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