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Intelligence for the smooth running of all intralogistics vehicles.

Our KINEXON Brain is the intelligent solution for the robust multimodal fusion of different positioning data within intralogistics vehicles working in harsh industrial environments. With our solution AGV (automated guided vehicles) can be navigated freely and flexibly even under demanding conditions, enabling a dynamic material- and workflow. The navigation of AGV is based on the precise and robust localization via UWB (Ultra-wideband) through our KINEXON sensor network that provides integrated bi-directional communication and navigation with a single system. The communication can additionally be simplified by transmitting commands via the radio-based KINEXON AGV Tag. By using UWB, no interference with Wifi applications occurs and a secure connection to the fleet manager can be established.


Possible Use Cases:
• Smart fusion of positioning sources (e.g., laser, odometry, UWB)
• Natural navigation (no markers, no reflectors)
• The interaction between AGV and surrounding assets
• Integration of manual operated vehicles or workers

Architecture of the KINEXON Brain

The advantages of the KINEXON Brain

Flexible navigation capabilities for autonmous vehicles through the robust fusion of visual and wireless navigation technology.


Robust operations through integration and sensor fusion of different localization technologies


Precondition for mixed operations of different AGV models


Flexibility and modular scalability: connects to existing or standardized control systems

Watch an example of steering AGV:

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