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Sensor driven platform for real time location & motion analytics.

Our sensor network enables localization and motion sensing of people & objects with unprecedented precision and robustness. It is designed both for industrial indoor and outdoor environments. Due to the simplicity it can be set up quickly and scaled over large areas. Our analytics platform with standardized APIs provides you with unprecedented & valuable insights. Engineered in Germany. Made for one purpose: to help you optimize your processes in terms of quality, costs and time.



Our simple and 100% wireless system shows excellent performance in challenging environments either indoor or outdoor. The battery powered anchors don’t depend on Ethernet cables and enable a mobile and flexible system use. The corresponding quick and easy setup process leads to low installation costs and short installation times.


Generally, there are two possibilities concerning the setup of the Kinexon setup: wired or wireless. The former is designed for fixed installations. Thereby the anchors will be usually mounted on walls or pillars. Despite a wired setup, the Kinexon solution is easy and fast to install in every environment – indoor and outdoor.


The mobile Kinexon solution offers a maximum degree of flexibility and simplicity. The anchors can be deployed wireless, as they are able to be battery-powered and do not require Ethernet wiring due to the fact the anchors communicate by radio with each. Thereby the mobile anchors can be mounted on tripods, poles, etc. The wireless setup is specially appropriate for mobile and outdoor applications.


In the context of GPS you would call him satellite.

When you compare the Kinexon solution to the GPS system, the anchors correspond to the satellites. They serve as reference points that are positioned around the required area in order to span a space, in which positions can be measured. They send and receive signals from the utilized sensors and pass the information (time stamp, signal strenght) to the base.


Captures and communicates 3D-position, motion and add-on data.

The Kinexon Sensors are attached to the objects whose position should be determined (such as tools, vehicles or assets). The sensors send signals to the anchors around the desired space. Being smaller than a matchbox and only weighing 15g, the sensors can be attached to a countless number of objects.

Status data of the object can be received via various interfaces such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  The interface enables a two-way communication between the sensor and the object, so the object can receive information or commands by the sensor. This allows, for example, a torque wrench to transmit its status data as battery life to the sensor and to receive commands regarding the torque reduction.

Smart Software Application

Transforms big data into smart data.

Our intuitive and extendable analytics application turns big data into clean and manageable smart data. Presented in a simple and clear userface, smart KPIs help you to optimize your process quality, costs and time. Use real-time data for instant insights and exploit the seamless connectivity to additional sensors such as temperature.