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System Overview


KINEXON adds location intelligence and real-time intelligence to the digital factory of tomorrow. We track and analyze the position, status and orientation of people and objects – both indoor and outdoor. Our data adds valuable geospatial context to the “things”, which is essential for the transparency and optimization of processes.

Our edge-computing platform RIoT is the horizontal software layer that connects any sensor,  device and application in real-time. Advanced analytics that include artificial intelligence learn and understand the interaction of objects. The platform offers various ways for process optimization and automation.

KINEXON Sensor network

Centimeter accurate 3D-localization and integrated data communication.

  • Real-time architecture for minimum latency of data and analytics.
  • Seamless use: Operability in outdoor and in challenging indoor environments, where more than 90% of the global value creation happens.
  • No interference with Wi-Fi due to variable, standardized frequency channels.

KINEXON RIoT, our Real-time Internet of Things

Process optimization through real-time integration of different data sources.

  • Ability to process up to 500,000 data points per second with minimal latency (<50 ms).
  • Possibility to process as well as correlate data from different sources such as devices, sensors, and applications (e.g. RFID, Barcode, MES) and transform it into real-time events.
  • Edge Computing as a key technology for high performance integration of various systems.
  • Hardware-independent real-time platform. Facilitates interchangeability and interoperability of objects, people and processes.


Intelligence for the smooth running of all intralogistics vehicles.

  • Brain: intelligent module for highly precise and robust navigation and communication of various AGVs
  • Flexibility and modular scalability.
  • Module that connects to existing or standardized control systems of various AGV types.
  • Analysis and optimization of transport routes.