KINEXON opens the Intel Developer Forum 2015

  • Munich Startup presents highly precise localization technology in San Francisco
  • Live-Demo during the opening ceremony of the Intel Developer Forum
  • For Intel-CEO Brian Krzanich, the Kinexon developers belong to „the most imaginative developers in the world.“

Munich/San Francisco – Innovative sensors gain importance, smart networks stand out and the wearables trend is omnipresent: At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, CEO Brian Krzanich emphasized that the „Internet of Things“ is clearly a Mega Trend – for which centimeter-accurate positioning of people and objects is fundamental. The reason: In order to interact smartly, objects need to know their position relative to each other. Accordingly, the forum opened with an interactive live demo, which was made possible through the innovative localization technology of the Munich-based startup Kinexon.

The excitement was great when the oversized match-ball was played around in the audience. The common goal of the game: Hitting asteroids in a space scenery that were displayed on a giant screen. The game was made possible through in-ball sensors, which delivered centimeter-accurate positioning data. Therewith, it was possible to track the ball and to evaluate automatically when the imaginary asteroid was hit. With the same setup, the audience had to sink ducks in an imaginary pool. Krzanich was sold on the opening demo: “The digital Pinball game was built in cooperation with some of the most imaginative developers in the world.”
Intel and Kinexon have been working in closely together for a long time. The result: The Intel Edison Board is an integral element of the Kinexon technology.

How is the precise localization possible?

Seven mini satellites (so called “anchors”) were placed in the conference hall. Comparable with a GPS system, the anchors serve as signal transmitters for the in-ball sensors that measure 3D positioning information of people and objects. Therewith, a positioning accuracy of below 10 cm is achieved – even in challenging indoor environments. In addition to positioning data, the sensors do also detect data regarding acceleration and rotation.

The Kinexon technology was developed within the incubation program of the European Space Agency in close cooperation with the Technische Universität München. It is suitable for applications in the areas of sports, media and industry. Bundesliga clubs like FC Augsburg and media corporations like Red Bull already use the accurate localization system to record performance data and analyze tactical behavior of players and athletes.

„In San Francisco, we have proven that we are also able to track match-balls“, joked Kinexon founder Oliver Trinchera who was proud that the technology was part of the opening demo: “We love working with Intel and are happy to be part of this unrivaled conference.” Intels EMEA director for the Developer Relations Division, Wolfgang Petersen, returned the compliment: “From day one, Kinexon GmbH has been a great partner in developing centimeter accurate and scalable location technologies powered by the Intel® Edison Breakout Board. With their precise and smart solution they paved the way for a new generation of indoor and outdoor location applications in markets like sports, industry, and healthcare. Innovative and passionate tech startups such as Kinexon will continue to play a critical role in the success of Intel’s Internet of Things initiative in the future.”

IDF 2015 main stage

View from the auditorium

Great show. great application. Great partners.

See the IDF Video:

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