KINEXON at the RFID Anwendertag

Augsburg, November 24 – Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink presented in his speech real-case projects for the implementation of Industry 4.0 with the title “Real-time localization and automation as the key enabler for Industrie 4.0″.

The main topic of the speech dealt with the application of the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). AGVs are currently navigated based on floor markers or laser technology. KINEXON in cooperation with a German premium automotive OEM developed a solution to increase the intelligence and the flexibility of AGV operations with a unique localization technique. KINEXON delivers a highly flexible and precise solution for the absolute positioning and navigation of AGVs. Providing this “precision indoor GPS” technology not only to AGV but also to other objects, such as forklifts or pallets creates even more value for combined use cases. For instance, an AGV finds its next object to be transported and calculates the optimal route based on its own and its target’s live position.

Another presented best practice was the software platform KINEXON RIoT (Real-Time Internet of Things) for process analysis in productions and logistics. Supporting various interfaces, the software not only processes but also correlates data from these different sources (e.g. RFID, Barcode, Forklift, AGVs) and transforms it into real-time events (e.g. geofencing, collisions) and relevant analytics. RIoT’s focus is on location-related information with integration of telemetry data. Its ability to process min. 500.000 data points per second with minimal latency (<50 ms) allows for the automation of processes in real-time and enables interaction between systems and tools on the shopfloor. With this intelligent networking of all objects in the production and logistic process, KINEXON offers a concrete perspective for the efficient application in the ecosystem of digitization.

Impressions from RFID Anwendertag

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