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Worker Safety

Protect your employees and prevent accidents.

Production sites are dangerous workplaces, as the staff works under harsh environments surrounded by heavy equipment and hazardous materials. Therefore, it is of great significance to know where your employees are and in which condition they are in (e.g. standing, lying on the floor). The Kinexon Sensor locates the staff and gives an alert in the case of an emergency or when an employee approaches a dangerous zone, such as areas with hazardous substances or close proximity to machines. The number of vehicles and objects in a worker’s environment grows. Real-time alerts can save lives and position information serve as key enabler for collision warning and a safe man-machine interaction.


Made to help you to realize your full potential.

Define danger zones

Alarm is triggered when a worker enters a dangerous zone. Kinexon induces the machines to shut down, as soon as a worker nears the robot or gives an alert, when a worker approaches a hazardous substance. Promote the safety of your staff members!

Prevent collisions

The costs for workplace accidents and insurances amount to USD 1tn in factory environments. By attaching the Kinexon Sensor on workers, work-­related accidents can be prevented, as the position and hence the exposure to chemicals can be tracked by defining danger zones. Prevent accidents with real-time alerts.

React quickly

Instantenous real-time data allows immediate and fact-specific reactions. Kinexon gives you unprecented visibility over the position, motion and status of your staff even in dangerous environments. Be prepared for the worst case with Kinexon.



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