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UAV Navigation

Navigate and control tomorrow’s transport objects.

In the future, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) will get more and more attention in logistics, manufacturing and service companies. Navigation of UAVs is one major aspect that needs to be taken into account. Amongst others, the small and agile objects can be used for transport, security or inventory tasks. Navigate & control tomorrow’s transport objects with the highly precise position and motion detecting Kinexon solution. Kinexon delivers unprecedented intelligence and flexibility for the navigation of UAVs. Ensure the quality of your UAV using location, motion and status data generated by Kinexon. You have no more space? Use the air!


Made to help you to realize your full potential.

Quality assurance

Track the the exact route your UAVs took during the flight. Compare the intended trajectory with the actually flown. Kinexon delivers an unparalleled solution to ensure the quality of your UAV using meaningful & reliable position, motion and status data. Navigate your UAV with more intelligence and flexibility.

Be flexible

Machines and workers often occupy ground space. Space expansion raises the distance between all employees, vehicles, machines, and processes. Extended paths increase travel and cycle times. UAVs constitute a more efficient & sophisticated solution. You have no more space? Let’s use the air.

Intelligent steering

The centimeter-accurate localization and motion detection ability of Kinexon generates relevant & vital position, motion and add-on data to increase the navigation intelligence and flexibility of UAVs. Kinexon delivers the necessary scalability and robustness to control the transport objects of the future.



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