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Material & Tool Management

KINEXON enables the precise localization of tools and the automation of manual assembly processes with established IT-Systems (ERP, WMS). The worker safety can be increased by knowing exactly where employees are and when they access dangerous areas. Screwdrivers can be connected to our RIoT platform, which enables the customer to only release access to the screwdriver when the correct torque and working area has been selected. Benefits of these features result in higher throughput volume as well as an increased assembly line speed.


Long setup times because of missing equipment, missing tools in assembly process, high search times, fix calibration or maintenance cycles, no just in time or just in sequence delivery,  pathways and work stations blocked by equipment


Carrier Tracking, tool tracking, eqipment tracking, forklift & milkrun tracking, AGV implementation, ERP/MES integration, automated booking, order mangement, forklift control system, process anomaly detection, process mining, predictive maintenance, tool and equipment management


Better process reliability, reduced search and booking times, time savings, less idle & waiting times, higher process efficiency, more reliable and optimized planning/forecast, ERP/MES integration, reduced working capital, reduced lead times, reduced cycle times, increased WIP inventory turns, better utilization, dynamic and predictive maintenance, higher process quality, higher product quality, less setup times, less maintenance efforts


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