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Tool & Bolt System

Verify and trace every step of your process.

Where is my tool? Is it used only in the intended zone and process step? To answer these questions a centimeter-accurate position and motion detection is needed. The high localization and motion sensing precision of Kinexon provides an answer to these kind of questions. Just attach the small & lightweight Kinexon Sensor to your tool or integrate it within your process. The tool & bolt activities can be tracked & traced by our smart  software application. In particular, screw operations subject to documentation can be monitored and automated. The use of the torque wrench in the assembly which transmits both its battery status via the sensor as well as receives commands for torque regulation and screw release, can be mentioned as an example. Watch & trace tool activities visualized in the Kinexon Application and eliminate manual recording processes.


Made to help you to realize your full potential.

Ensure quality

Ensure the quality of your production processes by releasing the tools only in the specified zone. Achieve automation and quality assurance through correct assignment of tool, part and vehicle. Tracking the usage of tools enables you to maintain a verifiable quality.

Reduce errors

The automated release of screws and the precise detection of safety-relevant screw points eliminate errors which would have to be costly finished afterwards. Gain knowledge about the usage and order of the tools by means of the market leading precise localization and motion detection ability of Kinexon.

Just the right tool

Verify & trace the activities of screwdrivers and tools to automate so far manually executed documentation tasks. Save time by using the high precision Kinexon solution. Ensure using the right tool at the right place at the right time.



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