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Process Mapping

Capture, analyze and optimize your processes.

Track the path of your assets, tools and products and identify the steps they take within a process. Equip your objects along the material supply chain, assembly line, packaging, and distribution with the Kinexon Sensor to segment your production process into individual process steps.  Generate metrics and KPIs which allow you to analyze and optimize each process in terms of quality, costs, and time. Kinexon provides unprecedented transparency regarding inventories and stocks to optimize the batch size determination of your production process. The data and alaytics we provide help our customers to become more efficient. Using data generated by sensors, rather than human judgment for decision making improves the product & process quality and helps the user to cut costs due to time saving.


Made to help you to realize your full potential.

See the big picture

Understand and identify all parts that form your processes. Create a level of transparency that exceeds the status quo. Kinexon provides unprecedented transparency about your processes & products. Gain full supply chain visibility through process maps and improve your process quality.

Identify inefficiencies

Equip your products along the assembly line with the small and leightweight Kinexon Sensor to identify inefficiencies within your process. Use metrics and KPIs rather than human judgment to address inefficiencies. The data and analytics we provide help our customers to become more efficient.

Gather information

Learn about risks, key steps and potential problems of your processes. Quantification of processes serve as the basis for the reduction of process times. We feed our customers with the necessary position and motion data. With Kinexon they can optimize products and processes in terms of quality, costs, and time.



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