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Picking Processes

Monitor and improve the quality of picking processes.

Manual order picking is time-consuming and error-prone. Picking is about precision. With the Kinexon solution this is even easier now. Picking shelves are equipped with the Kinexon infrastructure. Simply attach one of the wearable sensors to your wrist (e.g. through a wristband or glove) and get clear information about which box you should address or which ones you already visited. The sensor not only detects the 3D position in the sense of x, y and z but also the orientation and status in space – including the acceleration and rotation. In the case of incorrect picking operations, a warning signal can be issued. Kinexon solution to fix commission errors!


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Improve quality

Manual order picking has to be automated, as it is time-consuming and error-prone. The Kinexon Sensor offers the solution to fix errors. Depict the picking activities of your workers to prevent errors. Improve the quality of your picking process.

Avoid mistakes

In the case of picking operations, errors occur when a worker reaches into an incorrect container. With the leightweight Kinexon Sensor on the wrist (less than 14 grams), it can be verified whether the worker has gripped the correct box. Use alert signals to point out wrong picking moves.

Reduce search time

The majority of the staff deployment in warehouses are caused by order picking. The solution to fix errors is the sensor glove. Accelerate your picking processes by reducing picking errors. Smart software tools can help you find the right boxes – time is money!



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