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Forklift Tracking

Integrate and improve the routes of your vehicles.

The number of different vehicles in factories is limited. These vehicles drive through a large number of halls. To know where your vehicles are situated and what status they have enables you to optimize their routes, workload and utilization. Kinexon helps you to collect the necessary data. In times of Industry 4.0 the interaction of objects becomes more and more relevant. Equipping the forks of a forklift with sensors allows your vehicle to communicate with its environment. This enables the forklift truck to automatically learn the content and status of palettes, packages and containers. Digitalize your production & logistics site of tomorrow together with Kinexon.


Made to help you to realize your full potential.

Trigger interaction

Event engine notifies the user, when a forklift reaches a defined zone. Events can be triggered instantaneously as soon as the forklift drives in or leaves a specified area. Automate & digitalize your production & logistics processes with the localization and motion detecting Kinexon system.

Optimize routes and capacity

The number of vehicles in factories is limited. The different vehicles have to drive through numerous halls and travel over great distances. Optimize your processes with more efficient route planning of forklifts and asset management. It is about route optimization and assignment!

Avoid delays

Real-time transparency of the position of each vehicle ensures a timely management of all processes. Avoid delays by mapping & visualizing the position and status of your vehicles on the smart Kinexon Software Application.



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