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Fleet Management

Find your vehicles easily.

Kinexon delivers unprecedented visibility of your fleet. To know where your vehicles are situated and what status they have enables you to optimize their utilization. The Kinexon tracking system is designed to optimize the finding of vehicles on car fleets and on driveways – indoor and outdoor. In addition, the entry and exit of the vehicles can be documented explicitly with the information by which gate was driven. Kinexon delivers unmatched precision to identify vehicles close together. Find easily the specific vehicle you need, while eliminating time-consuming search effort. Get instantaneous overview of your fleet with the localization ability of Kinexon.


Made to help you to realize your full potential.

Unmatched visibility

A real-time localization system is indispensable for the optimization of the daily operations and the necessary maintenance processes on vehicle fleets. See exactly where your vehicles are at any time. Besides position, track also the status of your vehicles.

No more searching

So far, the search for and finding of vehicles is solved by increased personnel deployment in fleets. Search times can be reduced significantly with the the scalabe and robust position and motion detecting Kinexon solution. Lower your operational costs by finding your vehicles easily thanks the Kinexon Application.

Automated control

Your employees can find a vehicle by means of the Kinexon solution. This reduces search and process times. Besides time saving, the entry and exit documentation of your fleet can be carved out more efficient. Automate the documentation of driving in and out of the vehicles in your fleet.



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