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Asset Tracking & Tracing

Know exactly & in real-time the position and status of your assets.

In the future objects will interact fully automatically with each other. The Kinexon Sensor interconnects your asset with its environment making it smart. Assets equipped with the Kinexon Sensor are able to transmit their position and status. In a large factory hall you can easily lose the overview. High-precision real-time locating of materials and tools helps you to reduce material and equipment search times in the industry. Attach hall or store layouts in the Kinexon Application to to see exactly and in real-time where your items are located. Getting instant feedback on all asset-related events helps you organize your business. An event engine informs you when an asset enters or leaves a pre-defined zone. Stagnation of objects is also notified. This will boost the efficiency of your production & logistics processes.


Made to help you to realize your full potential.

Improve staff efficiency

Highly qualified and costly employees are involved in production, warehousing and maintenance in order to find the correct assets for the respective work step. Your employees do not have to waste their times searching materials and tools. Kinexon improves the efficiency of your staff by reducing search and lead times. Let them focus on their real tasks!

Lower operational costs

So far, the search for and finding of assets is solved by increased personnel deployment in the industry. By using Kinexon you can track and trace your assets easily via the smart software application. Reduce overhead costs due to the unmatched visibility Kinexon delivers.

Reduce search times

Long search times result in long throughput times. By using the high precision location and motion sensing solution of Kinexon you can not only significantly reduce search times but also lead times in your production, maintenance, and logistics processes. Find your assets and materials whenever you need them!



You want to know more about how we can help you to track & trace your assets in production & logistics sites? Get in contact with us!