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AGV Navigation

Navigate and integrate driverless vehicles.

Existing automated guided vehicle (AGV) steering technologies have many downsides. Induction- or laser-based navigations are inflexible, cost-intensive and fault-prone. They are not suited for the various promising applications in the industrial Internet of Things. Besides the location of vehicles, we go even one step beyond: In addition to the position, Kinexon detects the movement, in particular the acceleration and rotation, of driverless transport vehicles. This data can in turn be used to detect and eliminate recurring miscalculations of conventional navigation systems. Rely on Kinexon to navigate your autonomous transport vehicles in the future – indoor and outdoor. To know the exact position and orientation of your vehicle is the basis for safe and effective driverless traffic. Make your vehicles know where to go!


Made to help you to realize your full potential.

Intelligent steering

So far, AGVs have been following markers or wires in the floor. But now Kinexon is increasing the intelligence and the flexibility of AGV steering. Thus, even more promising applications in the industrial Internet of Things can be adopted and existing applications can be expanded.

Reduce overhead costs

Driverless vehicles work safer, quicker and without signs of fatigue. In addition, they do not need a driver to serve them. Track and navigate your AGVs with the market leading position and motion detection solution and reduce overhead costs. Kinexon increases the intelligence and the flexibility of AGV steering.

Save time

AGVs are very costly and thus available in limited numbers. Route optimization is therefore of great importance in order to maximize the use of the limited available AGVs. Existing navigation methods are rigid and inflexible. Flexible steering allows route optimization of your driverless vehicles.



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