Precise. Simple. Smart.

We help you to realize your full potential

Kinexon powers the industrial Internet of Things

with smart & precise localization & motion data.


Gain valuable insights and optimize your products

and processes in terms of quality, costs, and time.


Sensor driven platform for real time location & motion analytics.

Our sensor network enables localization and motion sensing of people & objects with unprecedented precision and robustness. It is designed both for industrial indoor and outdoor environments. Due to the simplicity it can be set up quickly and scaled over large areas. Our analytics platform with standardized APIs provides you with unprecedented & valuable insights. Engineered in Germany. Made for one purpose: to help you optimize your processes in terms of quality, costs and time.

Kinexon powers the internet of things with smart location and motion data. Our core product, Kinexon ONE, is an innovative real time location and motion sensing solution. Besides location and motion it also detects the condition and status of people, objects and workflows. The core of the system is the Kinexon Sensor – a small and lightweight sensor that tracks the 3D position and orientation of people and objects with centimeter accuracy. The Sensor operates seamlessly, i.e. both in indoor and outdoor environments.

A smart analytics application transforms the data and provides the user with valuable and unprecedented insights. Data can be accessed from any internet enabled device such as PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet PC (e.g., iPad). With Kinexon ONE we enable customers to use smart location and motion data to improve processes and products in terms of quality, costs and time. Customers in different industries such as production, logistics, healthcare, sports & media rely on the unique characteristics of our solution.


What makes us state-of-the-art.

Precise & Robust

Localize people and objects with centimeter accuracy. Determine orientation with a precision of a few degrees. Generate reliable results even in challenging industrial indoor environment.

Simple & Scalable

Quick and cost-effective setup enables scalability even over large areas. Seamless connectivity to additional sensors allows full flexibility.

Smart & Intuitive

Powerful analytics engine transforms big data into smart data. See new & unprecedented real-time insights through tools like statistics, dashboards, reports and event notifications.


Powering the industrial Internet of Things with smart & precise motion data.


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